Makes Cents


Reveal your saving skills and kick it with Makes Cents!

Makes Cents is a savings program that will turn everyday purchases into savings with the swipe of your debit card. You let us know the transfer amount (up to $5.00) to be set for each transaction and watch your savings grow!

There are three different ways to save with Makes Cents

  • Round up transactions to the nearest dollar
  • Transfer a predetermined amount per debit card transaction
  • Round up transactions to the nearest dollar and add an additional amout per transaction.

Common Questions

How many accounts can I set up to utilize Makes Cents?

If I wish to enroll in Makes Cents, do all of my accounts I want set up have to be with First State Bank?

Can I set up Makes Cents to transfer different amounts to each of my receiving accounts?

Will Makes Cents create a transfer if my account is at a low balance?

If I need to cancel my debit card will my Makes Cents be cancelled as well?

If I have a joint checking account will Makes Cents affect all debit card transactions on the account or just my own card transactions?

Can I change or cancel Makes Cents at any time?


You may setup as many as four receiving (savings or checking) accounts to receive Makes Cents transfers.

Yes, all checking and savings accounts must be with First State Bank.

No, Makes Cents can only be set up to equally distribute funds to each account.

Makes Cents will not round up or make a transfer if your checking account balance falls below $100.00

No transfers will be made if your do not have an active debit card associated with the account. 

Makes Cents will round up or transfer funds on each debit card transaction on your account, whether it is your debit card or the other individual(s) on the account. 

Yes, you can change or cancel at anytime.

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