Online Banking Security Features

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First State Bank is always looking for ways to make banking easier,
that is why we are proud to introduce “Online Banking.”

Online Banking Security Features

First State Bank is always looking for the best way to protect our customers. Below, you can read about the features we use.  The first time you access our online banking program, you will be asked to choose a username, password, and three security questions.


Challenge Questions and Answers

For each challenge question, you choose a question from the drop down menu and then put in the answer only you would know. These answers are ones you will need to remember. The only time you will be asked one of these questions is when you are on a computer which has not been registered, or at a public computer. One of the three will randomly be choosen and you will have to answer the question before being able to log on to Online Banking.

Register a Computer

Choose to register only computers you use. For example, at home or work. Do not register public computers, for example, at the library. Once a computer is registered, when you log in to Online Banking you will only have to put in your Access ID, recognize your image and pass phrase, and put in your password. If it is a computer that is not registered, you will be asked one of the three challenge questions, which you must answer correctly, and then you will see your image and pass phrase, and will put in your password.

With these changes there can be many questions. Please contact First State Bank with any issues.

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